Seen In Calgary #5: Sunrise In Springbank by Jann Arden

Hello Springbank #Canada #Nature | February 5, 2013 | by Midi2009 on Instagram

[twitter]The most embarrassing moment of my radio career happened in the mid 90s when Jann Arden came for a visit. I went through the interview when Jann suggested we take callers live with questions. Part of the interview had her telling a story about spaghetti coming out of her nose when she was laughing, so this happened next:

“Line 1, Hi. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever had stuck in your nose?” Jann asked.

“You mean other than your pubic hair?” the caller immediately responded.


First and last time I ever took live callers with a guest.

Now that I live in Calgary, it’s fun to see Jann and her dog, Midi, at events around town. She’s a hoot to follow on Twitter, and she also puts up beautiful pictures from her place in Springbank, like this one, on Instagram.


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