The View From The Grandstand At The Calgary Stampede

The Grandstand At The Calgary Stampede | July 5, 2013

[twitter]Say what you will about rodeos, The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth is just that.

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It is all the fun of your traditional County / State / Agricultural Fair wrapped around one of the biggest rodeos on the planet. Rodeos are to cowboys what the Olympics are to sprinters and The Calgary Stampede is one of the best. It’s a chance for cowboys to show off the skills one would need to run a ranch.

Sure, back in the day it was a little more authentic measurement of what it took to be a cowboy, and in 2013 these guys are professionals making big money on a pro circuit, but they still come from small dusty towns and grew up on ranches.

Sitting in the grandstand, peering between cowboy hats, you get an appreciation for what it was like once upon a time, and what a privilege it is now to soak up The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth.

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