University of Calgary Summer Activity Camps For Kids in Calgary

The idea of summer camps for kids is to keep the occupied and interested. You want them to have fun,but learn something. Maybe dig deeper into a subject they love at school, or find a different way to appreciate something they’re struggling with.

When it comes to a variety of summer camp experiences for kids in Calgary, the UofC has perhaps the deepest roster of programming around.

A child’s experience at summer camp can be positively life changing. Every camper will have their own unique experience and gain something different from participating. Campers will learn something new, develop fundamental movement skills, and make new friends. They will make new discoveries, develop self-esteem and have a greater opportunity to explore their creative side. Others may have a learning experience and not even know it because they are just having too much fun!

UofC Summer Camps

Locations: Camps meet at the University [2500 University Dr NW], some travel offsite or around campus

When: Weekly and Biweekly, full-day (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) camps all summer.

What: Kids entering kindergarten to grade 12 will find a variety of activities at the University of Calgary. From learning how to take pictures in K Country, to paddling the Bow River, to brushing up on martial arts, soccer, and cycling, there is a huge array of activities all summer long for kids of all ages at the UofC.

Registration: $225 – $315 for weekly full day.


LEGO™ Animation (Grades 1-5)
Film-making crews will work together with a professional filmmaker to create a stop-motion animation film that is sure to rival the works of Hollywood’s most talented. Small crews will learn to storyboard, script, build, design, capture and add sound effects, titles, voices and music. This will culminate in your own action packed, dramatically inspired comedy (or whatever you choose your movie to be about)! Participants will also learn how to market their films by creating a website, social media posts and movie posters.

Calgary Camera Camp
Image via Shannon Hilton

Packs and Pixels (Grades 2-5)
In a flash we will have kids thinking about how to capture amazing photographs of their trips adventuring in the backcountry. They will learn the ins and outs of their point-and-shoot cameras and how to shoot a variety of different photo styles, including action, macro, nature, landscape, and portraits. We will also practise and teach “Leave No Trace” ethics. On the last day kids will learn the basics of photo editing and they will get to work together to create a visual log from their experiences, which they will present to the group!

makeCalgary Design Camp (Grades 2-7)
Budding builders and young city planners can explore their visions of architecture and city life in this design camp developed and led by students in the Faculty of Environmental Design. Working
together, junior designers will plan and build their own town and the buildings within it. Starting with hand-drawings of their architectural urban designs, students will then work with a variety of materials to build scale models.

camps to build things

MegaVenture (Grades 2-8)
During this camp, kids can try a number of different outdoor activities within the city limits. Daily adventures might include hiking, bouldering and wall climbing, biking, swimming, rafting down the Bow River, playing games, and visiting kid-friendly places in Calgary.

Vet Camp (Grades 7-9)
The week-long experience will introduce kids to the many things vets do, including hands-on work with dogs and horses. Campers will jump in the saddle and learn to take a heart rate; explore how a cow’s stomach works; scrub, gown and glove for a mock surgery; work through a case to find a diagnosis; practise with surgery simulators and much more. They’ll look the part too, with a scrub top to wear and take home. These camps are offered by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine’s Spyhill Campus, on 85th St

Youth Triathlon Summer Camp (Grades 5-12)
Join the longest serving Triathlon program in Canada. Learn proper swimming, biking and running technique from highly-trained coaches. We have spin bikes for those who do not have a road bike and trainer. Training develops your aerobic and anaerobic systems to give you a good base for all sports. You will work with other youth at your level, with progression from start up, all the way to National Team level training.

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