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[twitter]Earl’s Tin Palace is a test kitchen of sorts for the entire chain. They work through new and unique menu items to perfect the taste and technique and to seek out the hits and misses with the clients.

The latest summer menu offerings are rolling out and this week some of Calgary’s favorite foodies, designers, and media types, have been rolling through Earl’s Tin Palace in the Mission to get a taste of the new flavours.

The Cabin Fever cozies a crush of ice with Crown Royal, tawny port, ginger, pineapple, fresh lemon, and bitters. As if the Canadian Tire-esque camp fire mug didn’t have enough of an outdoorsy spirit, the pine cone is spritzed with whisky to give you a smokey nose as you dip in for another sip.

There’s a wonderful Tequila Sunset cocktail topped with an egg wash that is then emblazoned with the sort of cheeky sayings we’ve usually found on napkins.

Don't Drink And Date - Earl''s Tequila Sunset

There’s a smokey Mad Hatter tea offering.

Then there is the food.

Deconstructed BBQ pork buns with soft, gooey, chewy house made little wraps hugging hoisin rich pulled pork.

The crispy thai prawn bowl packs just the right amount of heat with thai chilies and jalapenos. It sneaks up on you, but disappears just as quickly.

Then there’s the key lime pie. With the world going through a lime shortage about now, here’s how to get your pucker perfect lime fix.

This is just a quick survey of the new menu items at Earl’s Tin Palace. The new room is lovely, the food really does go to new heights, and it is once again becoming a favorite date night place for Jen and I.


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