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Pumpkin Pie | Log Barn 1912 | $16.95

[twitter]This must be where pies go when they die.
Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

I’ve eaten a piece of that famous cherry pie, and had a – excuse me – a damn fine cup of coffee at Twede’s Cafe in North Bend, Washington. It was good, but it wasn’t spectacular.

What I had to celebrate Pi Day, however, showed me the true pie heaven – it is a log barn in Armstrong, BC. That century old Mennonite Log Barn, my friends, is not where pies go when they die – it’s where pie angels get their wings.

Log Barn 1912 continues the traditions of the Mennonite pioneers. Old-fashioned sausage, cheese, jam, jellies, and pie are available at locations in Kelown, Armstrong, and Calgary.

I had the pumpkin pie still soft frozen. It had a rich, vanilla taste to it with a texture of pumpkin pie ice cream. The butter crust was thin, flaky, and perfect. There’s an apple pie in the freezer, can’t wait to cut it open.


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