Calgary Needs A … #4: Lesson In Parking

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Terrible Parking | March, 2013

People in Calgary suck at parking.  I don’t know if the stalls are smaller here, but I do know the trucks are definitely bigger.  I know that whenever I have my wife’s SUV (I drive a compact car), I’m never looking for the spot closest to the door, I’m looking for the spot with the most room.

The brain of people in Calgary works the other way. The bigger the vehicle, the smaller the brain of the driver, the more desire to get a “good spot” even if it makes no sense.

The pic top right was at a medical clinic. I pulled in, to a spot that was empty on one side, got my son in and out no problem.  When I returned, someone had jammed up against me. I have NO IDEA how the driver got out of this car. Stupid.  I couldn’t put my son in his car seat when we returned, I had to stretch across.

Then there’s this genius at a mall this afternoon (left). An SUV that was cracked all up the windshield, pulled in on the center line like it was a Bugatti fresh off the lot.  Even better, is my shot is a two-fer, if you check out the green Beetle in the background also crawling over the line.

Calgary, you suck at parking.



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