Zeitgeist Dismisses Religion As Nothing More Than Sun Worship

If you believe in god, if you go to church, if you pray, you are not worshipping a bearded saviour – you are honouring the sun.

Yes, the sun. The bright star in the sky.

Zeitgeist is a 2007 movie that starts by totally dispelling any reason for religion to have a legitimate foundation, before fading in to 9/11 conspiracy theories. While I’m still skeptical about some elements of that 2001 day, it’s the the opening scenes about religion that had my jaw drop.

I have recently accepted that I am an atheist, and have no desire to put any faith or belief in the bearded man in the sky. I have become increasingly more aware of how religion has infiltrated society, and how it has no place in a modern secular society.

Take 25 minutes and watch this. God is nothing more than the sun. Christianity nothing more than a tool invented by men to control the population.

In fairness, here is a rebuttal from the Centre of Public Christianity.

Who Was Dawn Hochsprung? Chances Are You Already Know Her

dawn hochsprung twitter

That is the last tweet of Dawn Hochsprung, principal at Sandy Hock School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Yesterday she was setting up books and, no doubt, getting ready for her Grade 4’s Winter concert. This morning, as she sat down with a parent and a psychologist to discuss a Grade 2 student, gunshots rang out in her school’s hallway. She, and the pyschologist ran for the door to confront the danger and look after their kids.

They didn’t return.

20 children also died this morning in the halls and classrooms of the school, including an entire kindergarten class.

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