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One of the most searched terms for people coming to this blog is Buzz Bishop fired.”

Truth be told, I have worked at 3 different radio stations in the past 2 years, so every now and again someone wonders where I’ve run off to. It’s a side effect of being a radio host; our jobs have a tendency to change. I’ve been lucky that I haven’t bounced around that much compared to some other colleagues.

This post will serve to show where I am now. If you arrived on this blog because you searched “buzz bishop fired”, I hope that it wasnt recent.

September 2011 – Present
Middays on XL 103 – Calgary

December 2009 – September 2011
Mornings on 90.3 AMP Radio – Calgary

September 1993 – July 2009
Z95.3, 95 Crave, Virgin Radio – Vancouver

May 1990 – August 1993
Evenings, 94 CJIB – Vernon

You can read more about my employment history by checking out my media kit. I’ve also done freelance work in television, newspapers and I contribute content to 6 blogs.

I’m Not As Think As You Drunk I Am

20090927 petaluma - 04

There is much ink being spilled in Alberta as news of the provincial government’s desire to change our drinking driving laws reaches critical mass.

Currently the legal limit for blood alcohol is .08 percent. In BC, the limit has been lowered to .05 and instant penalties of driving bans kick in as soon as you blow over.

Warning range 0.05-0.08 (1-4 drinks): 3-day ban + $200 fine… additional fees make total $600
Greater than 0.08 (2-5 drinks): 90-day ban + 30-day car impound + $500 fine + possible criminal charge… additional fees of towing, interlock ignition device, responsible driver program, etc make total up to $4,060

The lowering of the limit in BC has had a negative effect on the hospitality industry. (In B.C., members lost an average of 21 per cent in liquor sales following the first six months of similar penalties being introduced). Patrons are wary of walking the limit and the stiff and instant consequences. So the number of people having dinner with water over wine is increasing. And that’s hitting the businesses where the margins are greatest – booze.

Already operators in Alberta are rallying against the proposed changes, fully aware their business will take a hit too.

I’m in favour of the .05 limit for a simple reason: it will make the line easier to see.

1 drink will become 1 too many. No longer will you be able to think 1 or 2 is cool to get behind the wheel. Have 1 and the keys are gone, you’re done, that limit is just too low and the penalties too severe to try fool the breathalyzer.

Will businesses hurt with the changes? Yes.

Will people’s lives be saved? Since the law came in BC, alcohol related fatalities dropped by 45. That’s 45 people alive today because of .05.

As a friend said, it’s a hard law to argue against, because it sounds like you’re in favour of boozing at a party and plowing through a busstop full of pedestrians.

Fact is, the lower limit makes the line more defined. People will be forced to plan ahead. Designated drivers will take more responsibility. Partying will still happen, and fewer accidents will happen. 45 people are alive today to tell the story because of it.

We can debate the merits of the penalties and the jurisdiction of police to pass instant roadside penalties, I’m fine with legislators having that discussion. But the limit needs to be lowered.

Calgary Beer Is Back

Calgary brand beer

It’s a beer that’s made in Ontario named after Calgary that was only available in Saskatchewan – until recently. Calgary Beer, with the buffalo on it, is back.

Admittedly, I’m a microbrew beer guy. I’m the guy that drinks Moose Drool when I go on vacation, and I seek out more unique flavours from my brew. The mainstream Kokanee, Canadian, Blue, Pil, Bud, Coors etc just don’t cut it in my beer fridge. This beer is nothing special, it’s like the other mainstream brands.

BUT with a wife who works in the wine business, I know that a label or brand can sell itself regardless of what’s inside, and Calgary Beer is the perfect brand to have on shelves in the city.

Why did it leave? Demand waned in the mid 80s, so Carling O’Keefe discontinued the brew in Alberta in 1985. Then, magically, it was brought back in 1987 to be on shelves through the 1988 Olympics before it disappeared again. It did, however, remain on the shelves in Saskatchewan.

Calgary brand beerThen in 1992, with the brand now owned by Molson, the 100th anniversary of the brewery in Calgary was honoured with a limited run of cases before once again retreating across the prairie border.

And now it’s back again. Wondering why?

The Calgary Stampede is celebrating 100 years in 2012. A brew with a local name will, no doubt, do gangbusters.

You can buy cases of Calgary Beer at Sobey’s and Co-Op stores while Original Joe’s will be serving it up in restaurants.

Grab some while you can, because you know come August 2012, the buffalo will be running back to Sasaktoon.

Christmas Isn’t Just For Kids

20091224 christmas eve - 24

You will be inundated with toy request from charities the next few weeks. There will be Toy Mountains to build, Toy Trains to fill and Toys for Tots to be wrapped. But Christmas isnt just for kids, it’s for all of us to remember what it’s like to be kids.

Santa’s Secret Service is a fabulous Calgary charity that tries to bring some magic of childhood to seniors living in care facilities. Those who have managed to outlive their family, or don’t have any nearby to celebrate the season.

Simply register at the site and you will be given the description of a senior and what they’d like for Christmas.

Donna Jones founded Santa’s Secret Service after spending some time in a care facility visiting with the residents.

“I learned that many seniors living in care facilities have no family and few friends to provide them with much needed support. I also discovered that many of these isolated seniors do not receive gifts at Christmas time, other than the token gifts given to every resident in the facility.”

Christmas isn’t just for kids.

My grandmother died last year and I can’t think of a better way to take the money I would have spent on a gift for her and pass it around to these seniors.

I’ve “adopted” a 62 year old man and 85 year old woman this year. He is just like a teenage boy. He loves watching hockey and playing cards and would like some Tshirts, gloves and a hockey magazine.

She is just like my grandmother wishing for body lotion, mixed nuts and an electric blanket.

I can’t wait to go out this week and get their gifts. Christmas isn’t just for kids, it’s for the kid in all of us.

If you have yet to find a way for you to give back this holiday season, join me and my family by becoming a member of Santa’s Secret Service.

Extreme Couponing In Canada – Know Your Prices

extreme couponing canada

I wish we could do that more Extreme Couponing in Canada, but most of our stores won’t allow coupon stacking, they don’t double the value of coupons and our prices start at a higher level. I don’t think we’ll ever see the day of saving 97% of an $750 grocery bill in Canada. (Which may be a good thing, how many toothbrushes and deodorant sticks do you need?!)

However, there are ways to save a lot of money when doing your grocery shopping in Canada, and the good news – it’s not that extreme.

Have a listen to this interview I did with Nathan Engels, aka Mr Coupon. He was featured on Extreme Couponing and explains some of the ways anyone can go about getting the best deal, even in Canada.

– stores still accept coupons, so use them!
– find promo products on the internet
– buy the cheapest unit price
– when something goes on sale, buy extra

Sarah Deveau, author of Money Smart Mom, has a great blog with more insight and the key piece of gold you need – the minimum price list. Sarah’s spreadsheet tracks the price she pays for the items she shops for so she knows whether or not a deal is a deal.

Knowing your prices is important, so when you see that minimum price hit – stock up. Sarah’s family goes through 2 bags of bagels a week. They’re usually $3 a bag. Every now and again they go on sale for $1 and she’ll buy 20 bags. That’s a quick $5/week savings. Boom!

money saving mom price list

Money Smart Mom's Minimum Price List

The other way to add to your savings is to collect points. Sarah has a great breakdown of how to maximize Air Miles reward miles. With her minimum price list in tow, Sarah can navigate the usually more expensive aisles of Safeway and still come out ahead. (that’s her spreadsheet for this weekend above)

Extreme Air Miles weekends are held periodically at Safeways across the country. My flyer for Calgary this weekend says they are doing Extreme Air Miles at $100 for 100 miles. Good deal.

BUT in the community of Airdrie, 15 minutes north of Calgary, they are doing Extreme Air Miles where you will get 250 points for $100 and 500 points for $200! Once again, Sarah took to her minimum price spreadsheet and the Safeway flyer and will team great deals and Air Miles bonuses to come out way ahead.

Air Miles are great for travel, but you can also trade them for gift cards at about a value of 12.5 cents per mile. One smart grocery trip can bring you $60+ in gift cards, perfect for Christmas gifts!

You can’t Extreme Coupon in Canada, but if you’re smart there are great ways to get extreme savings. Visit Sarah’s blog for more tips and send her an email if you’d like her spreadsheet.

What are your tips for Extreme Couponing in Canada?

November 14 Is World Diabetes Day

Today, Novemeber 14, is World Diabetes Day.

The birthday of Sir Frederick Banting was designated as a United Nations World Health Day in late 2006. Since November 14, 2007, World Diabetes Day has been celebrated on Banting’s birthday in reflection of the work he, and Charles Best, did in regards to the discovery of insulin in 1921.

World Diabetes Day is a global event. It brings together millions of people in 160 countries to raise awareness of diabetes, including children and adults affected by diabetes, healthcare professionals, healthcare decision-makers and the media. World Diabetes Day unites the global diabetes community to produce a powerful voice for diabetes awareness.

World Diabetes Day is represented by a blue circle logo. The blue circle, noted for its symbolism of positivity, life and health, is the global symbol of diabetes and signifies the unity of the global diabetes community in response to the diabetes pandemic. You can easily add one to your Twitter and Facebook profiles using the World Diabetes Day Twibbon.

Around the world, World Diabetes Day will be marked by more than 55 countries who will shine a light on diabetes awareness by flooding their landmarks with blue light.

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