Two Time Guinness World Record Holder

20110918 Netball Quest 61 Guinness World Record attempt

The top of my To Do List has been provisionally crossed out. Not once, but twice. After a lifetime of dreaming of setting a Guinness World Record, last week I set two.

The first record I set was the most difficult, the second record I set was the most important.

First on tap was an incredible weekend of 61 hours of netball. We started on Friday, September 16 at 530p and didnt finish until Monday, September 17 at 630a. We worked in shifts of 8 hours on court and 4 hours resting.

Resting wasn’t really all that, we had to stay in the same gym as the game (remaining courtside) and so the loud music to energize the players and the bouncing of the ball still echoed for those trying to sleep. It started hard, got harder, and then my body seemed to get used to it. Here’s my video diary from the weekend:

3 days after setting the Guinness World Record by playing netball for 61 hours, waiting in line for 80 minutes to break my second Guinness World Record was easy.

PSA test

The Prostate Cancer Centre put the challenge to the men of Calgary to get a baseline PSA test to see if they had the markers that could indicate the patient could be at risk. They wanted to get 1000 men tested in 8 hours.

I was number 964 on the day. 988 men turned out and the previous record of 250 was smashed.

Of the two Guinness World Record I hold, I’d love to hang on to the netball record for a while (the previous holders set it in August 2010). It took a toll. It felt like I was doing something that nobody in the history of the planet had done. I climbed the highest mountain and then went higher.

On the flip side, I’d love to see the PSA test record smashed. Men over 40 need to concern themselves with prostate health. You don’t need “the glove” to keep things in line, a simple vial of blood is all you need to offer up.

Guinness World Record holders can buy official certificates from the company once their records have been certified. I’m dialing up the head office to get the proof.

Team Diabetes Iceland Info Night

2003 Iceland Marathon

I’m going back to the scene of the crime. My first international marathon with Team Diabetes was in August 2003 in Reykjavik, Iceland. I’ve been asked to come on board and lead a band of XL103 listeners to the land of fire and ice and I’m excited to go back.

If you’re interested, there will be an information seminar at the Shawnessy YMCA on Tuesday night.

Here’s the press release:

Join Buzz Bishop and walk or run a 10K, half marathon or marathon with Team Diabetes in Reykjavik on August 18, 2012 and help the Canadian Diabetes Association make a difference in the lives of the 9 million Canadians and someone you know with diabetes or prediabetes.

The world’s most northern capital city is located in Iceland, known as the “Land of Fire and Ice”. A visually stunning region, it abounds with glaciers, hot springs, geysers and volcanoes. Much of the course follows the area’s beautiful coastline and starts and finishes in the heart of downtown Reykjavik. The annual Cultural Night, which coincides with the marathon, attracts nearly half the Icelandic population. Complete your event and then celebrate with the locals!

2003-08-15 iceland - 65

The funds raised support diabetes education, research, advocacy and programs. Challenge yourself and in return for your fundraising efforts, you will receive amazing benefits including:

· Return airfare from Calgary
· Four nights accommodation in Reykjavik, Iceland
· Guaranteed entry into the event
· On-site team functions
· Official Team Diabetes Canada shirt
· On-line training
· Personalized, fundraising webpage and more!

Registration to be part of this incredible, once in a lifetime event with Buzz closes February 24th so sign up soon!

Join Team Diabetes today at

Unable to join Buzz in Iceland? You can also hike to Conquer the Volcano in Costa Rica in May or walk or run in Rio de Janeiro in July!

For more information contact Jennifer at 403-266-0620 ext. 113 or

The Senior Tour

Fred Couples

Being a pro golfer must be awesome. Not only do you have the chance to make millions for a career that can last 5-10 yrs longer than most professional athletes, you get a chance to finish things off on another gravy train – the Senior Tour.

You can play on the regular PGA Tour until you’re 49, once you’re 50 you’re shuffled off to the other league. No longer do guys like Fred Couples, Mark OMeara and Tom Lehman have to fight young guns like Anthony Kim, Rickie Fowler and Rory McIroy for prize purses – they get to fight guys with similar skills.

This week, I moved to the radio version of the Senior Tour. Actually, they changed the name of that circuit to The Champions Tour a few years back – I like the sound of that better.

For more than 20 years I’ve been playing the most current of current music on radio stations in Vernon, Vancouver and Calgary. I interviewed Britney before she was bald, Puffy before he was Diddy and Beyonce when she was still a Child of Destiny. I introduced Canadian radio to Avril Lavigne, worked nightclub gigs with Michael Buble and rapped on stage with soulDecision.

It was a good run.

I’ve often described working in Top 40 radio as being a professional athlete. You only have so many “prime” years where the music is relevant to you and your lifestyle relevant to the listeners. Eventually, you have to move to the Senior Tour.

buzz bishop xl103That time for me, is now. I moved up the dial this week, from 90.3 to 103.1. I no longer host the morning show on AMP Radio, I now do middays on XL 103.

I’ve traded Taio Cruz for Pablo Cruise, Avril Lavigne for April Wine, Pitbull for Prince.

The approach I’ll bring to my show on XL will be the same I brought to AMP. I’ll be interactive, I’ll be leading edge, I’ll be upbeat, I’ll be plugged in.

The DJ in me hasn’t changed, just the music that I play.

I’ll be back on your radio tomorrow morning at 10 – the old slogan on AMP Radio works here too: make the switch ;)

Managing Your Own Money With A TFSA


A year ago I started my own Tax Free Savings Account. The government lets us toss $5 000 a year into an account to play with how we please. We can use a variety of investment tools and whatever we make we can keep – tax free.

Normally there is a capital gains tax that must be paid when you trade securities and make money, so for amateur traders this is a great way to make some money and keep it away from the tax man.

So I dropped a few bucks into a Scotia iTrade account and started playing.

I bought Apple (AAPL), Lululemon (LLL) and ManuLife Financial (MFC) and started off great. I made gains my first few months and was impressed.

Despite those 20% gain in 3 months, I didnt things were moving fast enough. I was hoping to use the TFSA as a way to “win” vacation money and so my goal was a 50% gain for fall 2010. I wanted to try and hit a homerun to catch up to my goal, so I got fancy.

I took advice from friends, I chased riskier stocks and my portfolio dropped – hard. I owned uranium stocks right before the tsunami in Japan and I was deep into silver when it had a spring crash.

At the bottom, I had turned a 20% net gain into a 35% net loss. Yes, that was a nearly 50% drop from my peak to my valley.

Had I maintained my original 3 holdings and never traded for the past year, I’d have a portfolio gain of more than 40%. Instead I spent more than $1200 making 60+ trades at $20 each and sit with a portfolio worth that’s – 15% year-over-year.

The summer has been better. I’ve managed to make a 30% rise from my bottom to get back in the game. I still tried to chase the dragon during the past month’s roller coaster market and ended up even.

My current portfolio has oil (HOU.TO), silver (HZU.TO) and Lululemon (LLL). I’ve set stop limits for each order, a floor that will trigger a sell order should the bottom fall out. Every few days I raise the floor as the stock values increase to make sure I don’t get hit like I did in the spring.

Moral of the story? Don’t take tips from your dental hygienist. Do your homework and keep it simple. Buy low, sell high and think long.

Win A $5000 Shopping Spree at The CORE When You Spot The CORE MINI

The Core - Calgary

The CORE is Calgary’s only downtown shopping centre. They’ve gone through some pretty impressive renovations and to drop the hint that going downtown is a great place to shop, they’ve launched a contest.

If, the fact you could hit up Holt Renfrew, Harry Rosen and H&M in one spot wasn’t enough, the CORE also has free valet parking weekends and weeknights after 4. They want people to know about that, so they’ve launched SPOT THE CORE MINI with the Dilawri Auto Group.

The contest: 4 media outlets (print, tv, radio, web) will each have the car for a week and try to churn out the most social media action during their week. People who SPOT THE CORE MINI can enter to win a prize for themselves AND the media outlet.

The spotter prize: $5000 shopping spree at the CORE and a parking spot for a year

The media prize: $5000 for their designated charity (Team Diabetes for me).

So here’s how the contest works:

1. Spot the CORE MINI (A MINI Countryman)

2. Take a picture of the CORE MINI

3. Post it to Facebook or Twitter. On Facebook, go to the CORE Shopping Contest Page. On Twitter, tweet your pic to @coreshopping and/or use the hashtag #coremini

4. Do it again tomorrow


This is a HUGE opportunity. I realize you get twitter / facebook spammed a lot with “vote for me” type requests, but .. um … vote for me?

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