Why Tony Clement Changed His Twitter Name

Tony Clement Twitter Handle Change

The day the election was announced, Tony Clement, previously known on Twitter as @TonyClement_MP changed his account to @TonyClementCPC. Tony has made a name as one of the most engaged members on the hill and so his adjustment was instant news.

People wanted to know why Tony Clement changed his Twitter handle.

Short answer? Because he had to.

Hansard is very clear on the issue of electronic identities and how a Member of Parliament can use it during a political campaign.

The guidelines are clear about it being OK to carry on with case work but make it clear that you can’t identify yourself as an MP during this time. The same rules apply to electronic communication. So websites, blogs and social networking profiles must be changed and so must email addresses, Twitter accounts and anything else that includes the letters ‘MP’. Websites that are paid for out of public funds or use the term ‘MP’ in the domain name will have to be suspended until after the election. Whether this means closing them down or providing a click through link remains to be seen (I can’t imagine automatic redirection being acceptable).

In a world of following-by-identity, this presents some challenges. A number of MPs have already created new online personas for the duration of the campaign at least and others will have to follow suit. It’s unimaginable to think that party HQs aren’t monitoring the situation closely too (I know at least one has done an audit). Having to abandon an online brand at a time when visibility and public awareness is even more important might just make some politicians reconsider the strategic value of a brand that relies on the term ‘MP’!

So Tony Clement and any other MP using the designation “Member of Parliament” needs to remove it from their online identity. Which begs the question, why can Stephen Harper still use the twitter account @pmharper?

Tony Clement, responding via twitter says the issue is “different because the ministry still exists.” Clement himself is still the Minister of Industry during the Canadian election campaign, just not the Member of Parliament for Parry Sound-Muskoka. Harper, while remaining PM, is not an MP.

There you go.

If You Tweet, They Will Respond #elxn41

field of tweets

Canada will vote May 2, 2011. Our 4th election in 7 years. If you have apathy and frustration at your choices, you’re not alone. We’re all getting a little sick of the petty party politics. Then again, look towards Egypt, Libya, Syria and Tunisia. These people have risen up in unison to fight for the basic right of choice.

You have a choice, exercise it.

If you’re confused and don’t understand all the b-s coming out of Ottawa on the best of days, the CBC has put together a Vote Compass that asks you your beliefs related to the various political platforms, at the end of the quiz (about a dozen questions long) it tells you where you fit on the political spectrum.

cbc vote pattern

It’s a very easy way to pick your party, now just make time on May 2 to mark your X.

Of course there are other ways to get engaged. Some have labeled this “the twitter election.” They think the candidates will be using social media tools on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to reach out to the populus and convert votes.

It’s a great idea, but it needs to be done properly. It’s one thing to use a twitter account as a bullhorn to spew press releases, it’s another to have your staff operate the account and it’s still another thing to actually respond to queries from the electorate.

That third thing is the most crucial. And look what happened when I floated a twitter balloon past the opposition on Day 1:

buzz bishop tweet

ignatieff tweet

I wasnt the only one to receive an @ reply. @thebiznow and @pmharper had a similar exchange today as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have engagement.

The politicians (or their team) are not going to sit idly by and spew talking points at us. They are there to be engaged. So do it. Ask them a question, tell them what’s important and get involved in Canada’s 41st election.

Adele And Robert Smith Are Not In Love

How do you discover new music? MySpace? YouTube? Ping?

Me, I discover it the old fashioned way – through friends and on the radio.

Last week, after seeing tweets fly by for weeks about Adele, I finally buckled down and got her new album, 21. This passionate review by Derek K Miller was my personal tipping point.

Most of the album, is quite down tempo. Just Adele‘s lamenting voice and a piano or guitar. If you’ve been recently dumped or are looking for love, it will either push you over the edge or steel your will. It could go either way.

The upbeat tracks, however, are just awesome. I’ll Be Waiting, Rolling In The Deep and Rumor Has It are all in repeated rotation on my latest iTunes mixes.

Then today, when I was cycling through stations on my commute (yeah, I do it too) I heard a jock talk about a song he just played. It was Robert Smith doing a cover of Platinum Blonde.

Are you kidding me?

I didn’t hear the song, so at the next red light I sparked it up on YouTube on my iPhone. I loved it after 30 seconds and then clicked over to iTunes and bought it right there. At a red light.

What are the last couple of tracks you bought? How do you discover new music?

Five To Follow For Twitter’s 5th Twirthday

The National Post has been serving up “Five to Follow” for the past week counting down to the fifth twirthday, canvassing web celebs for their picks of the best of twitter.  Since they didn’t ask me for the paper, here are my 5, all people I met on Twitter.:

@mitchjoel – One of the smartest people I “know.”  My twitter stream is a news feed for my brain and Mitch’s sharing of links about social media and marketing offer meals of information with each click.

@nenshi – I first “met” Calgary’s mayor through a twintroduction when I initially moved to Calgary. He was pointed to me as someone who could share my social media passions – he proved it by leveraging his web powers to take the highest office in the city. He has inspired a city to engage with politicians 140 characters at a time.

@megfowler – Meg and I didnt really “meet” through Twitter, but she did meet the love of her life through the site.  One of the most engaging and random people on the internets, Meg is passionate about risotto and people.  Following her will make you think, it will make you laugh, it will make you hungry.

@anthonyfloyd – Anthony’s twitter stream is peppered with politics, geocaching and parenting stories. If Anthony’s got a link in a tweet there’s a great chance I’ll be clicking on it to learn more about my country or my job as a parent.

@jaypiddy – Jay reached out to me after we followed each other through Twitter.  He runs his own marketing business, Powershifter, and his passion for chasing down the dream is second only to Gary Vee.  His stream is filled with photography, family and marketing stories.

Who are your 5 to follow?

Are Wrong Numbers Obsolete?

My landline rang last night. It never rings. I was shocked by the sound of a “ringing” phone. I answered the “private caller” call only to be greeted with a wrong number.

The New York Times had a great article out last week about how nobody phones anymore. Read the article quickly before they lock it up behind a paywall.

It’s at the point where when the phone does ring — and it’s not my mom, dad, husband or baby sitter — my first thought is: “What’s happened? What’s wrong?” My second thought is: “Isn’t it weird to just call like that? Out of the blue? With no e-mailed warning?”

In the last five years, full-fledged adults have seemingly given up the telephone — land line, mobile, voice mail and all. According to Nielsen Media, even on cellphones, voice spending has been trending downward, with text spending expected to surpass it within three years. [NYT]

In this era of speed dial, smart phones and pre-programmed numbers, when was the last time you dialed a “wrong number?”

Do you even know your wife/husband/lover’s phone number or are they just #1 in your speed dial or tops on your contact list?

Calgary Maple Festival Des Sucres


Spring is in the air across Canada and that means the sap is running.

French Canadian festivals are happening across the country as ex-pats celebrate the season of syrup. Carnaval de Quebec is happening in La Belle Province and in Calgary this weekend there was the Maple Festival Des Sucres at COP.

$40 for a family entry included a couple plates full of scrambled eggs, sausage and crepes, but didn’t include the highlight of the day – maple taffy.

Truth be told, the “festival” was a serious disappointment. You had your usual routine of booths in a small market (about 12 – the only one with action was the one selling pies, tarts and syrup), there was a small stage with kid friendly songs about the fur trade and les voyageurs, a couple of bouncy castles and – well – that was about it.

78/365 festival DES sucres P1020500 P1020504 P1020486 P1020484 P1020502

I’m a big fan of french rap, but scheduling the far too loud local trio of rhyme busters over the busy noon hour in the lunch tent didnt seem to mesh with the family atmosphere of the day. My “bitch,” (yes, they dropped that bomb on stage in front of a mosh pit full of strollers) particularly didn’t appreciate the entertainment.

I would have liked to have seen the maple taffy included in admission, and more activities on the ground celebrating culture, spring and the season. I wasn’t expecting Quebec City’s Carnaval, but if you’re hoping to Capture Wow for Tourism Calgary, this wasn’t a place to look..

I Don’t Want To Smell Like Isaiah Mustafa

I love the Old Spice ads. I jumped on that meme fast. I loved what Old Spice did with social media and the YouTube videos and I’ll quickly run to the web to find the latest edition of what the Old Spice Man is up to with each new clip.

BUT.. I will never wear Old Spice. The reason is simple, I don’t like the smell of deodorant.

Game Day? Playmaker? Swagger? Showtime? After Hours?

No matter what flavour I sniff it all smells like the Jersey Shore. They might as well come out with a scent called GTL, because it’s all too douche for me.

Where can a guy get UNscented deodorant? It’s always a struggle when I try to hunt down a replacement bar and there are none to be found again.

Tell me guys, you dont *really* like the smell of that stuff do you?

And ladies, is there a scent you prefer? Aqua Reef? Arctic Force? Denali?

The commercials for Old Spice and Axe would make guys believe you actually like the artificial musky man scent – is it true?

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