Team Lance?

Lance Armstrong in 2005 Tour de France

I don’t really understand Idol worship.

When Tiger Woods is slammed with a scandal and gets pasted as an idol and role model that has let down his fanbase, I don’t get it. To me, Woods is just a great golfer and really rich pitchman. I don’t idolize him.

Growing up I didnt really plaster my wall with posters of people I looked up to. Okay, I joined the Huey Lewis and the News Fan Club, but I was never really fanatic about anyone. I was a die hard hockey fan and put my clubs on a pedastal, but I never lived and died with the actions of any one athlete.

But now, as an adult, I do have someone I look up to. Someone I hold in high regard for his commitment to athletic excellence and community involvement. I’m a Lance Armstrong fan.

I stalked him out at a charity event to get his autograph.

I wear his wristbands, buy his shoes, shirts and gear.

I interrupted a honeymoon to take a day trip to watch him compete in the Tour de France.

I plan to take a trip to watch Le Tour again and make my own ascent of L’Alpe D’Huez, home to so much of his mythology.

When I encounter tough times in training, I summon all my visions of him climbing mountains and vanquishing rivals in Le Tour and I am Lance Armstrong.

So it is with that lens that I view more charges against him, this time levelled by Floyd Landis.

Landis accused other top American cyclists on the Postal Service team, including Armstrong, of using performance-enhancing drugs and methods.

He said he took female hormones and tried insulin once during the years he rode for the Postal Service and Swiss-based Phonak teams, according to He spent $90,000 a year on his doping regimen, he said.

Landis said that some of his teammates on the Postal Service team were well aware of the doping regimen in the sport. In at least one of his messages to cycling officials, according to a person who received it, Landis said that he and Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France champion, had discussed the need to use blood transfusions to boost endurance. A new test for the synthetic blood-booster, EPO, had made doping more difficult.
[NY Times]

These allegations aren’t new. Lance has been dogged since he began to dominate the sport. Each time they come out he crushes them with a denial and they eventually fade away. [masseuse] [LeMond]

Each time they come, a glimmer of doubt in my “idol” sneaks in. Team Lance! becomes Team Lance?

If any of what Landis says is true, I’ll be crushed.

I sincerely hope Floyd is full of it – but baseball fan wished the same of Jose Canseco.

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It All Started Victoria Day Weekend In 1990

It was 20 years ago this weekend when I packed all the hand-me-down furniture I could scavenge from my parent’s home into a panel van for the 5 hour drive from Vancouver to Vernon to start a career in radio.

1990It was the second time I’d moved away from home (18 months earlier I last 10 weeks in my fraternity house) and the first time I’d left my hometown without my parents.

I was to be the evening/weekend announced on 94 CJIB. (that picture at the left hung in the lobby)

I shared a 3 bedroom townhouse with one other roommate. My share of the rent was $265 a month. I didnt own a car, I rode my bike to work. I made $1050 a month, my monthly net was less than $800 a month.

20 years later I find myself once again away from my hometown, starting from scratch in a new city.

Once again I’m in a 3 bedroom home, and this time I have 3 roommates (a wife and 2 kids) instead of one. The mortgage payment is higher than the rent, there are two cars in the driveway and the paycheques are big enough that I dont need Mom and Dad to send Safeway gift cards like they did 20 years ago.

It’s like everything has come full circle to launch another 20 year cycle in the industry.

I’ve interviewed just about every big act that you’ve heard on air over the past 20 years.

Gwen Stefani with Buzz Bishop dchild buzz nellyfurtado 1201 buzz david usher 1201 Lady gaga allsaints

Janet Jackson. Puff Daddy. Britney Spears. Avril Lavigne. Gwen Stefani. Green Day. Matchbox 20. Alanis Morissette. Backstreet Boys. Sarah McLachlan. Destiny’s Child. Robbie Williams. Nickelback. Christina Aguilera. Lady Gaga.

mobybuzz nickelryanchadbuzz Lisa Loeb ricky martin debbiegibson Avril Lavigne

It’s an amazing history to look back on. I kind of stumbled into radio. I was interested in it in high school, hung out at CiTR at UBC, but it wasn’t until I was failing out of University and needed a career out that my brother came home with a radio school audition package from his high school career day.

I went for the audition. I got a tour of LG73 and CFOX from Jeff Rechner and enrolled at BCIT. I lasted 1 year in the program before getting offered my first job and I’ve never looked back. Sure, there was that 4 month hiccup in the fall of last year, but radio has been very very good to me.

I won’t go all “back when I was young” on you, but 1990 was 6 years before I even owned a home computer. Back then I played songs on record players, now everything is on a hard drive.

One thing has stayed the same in 20 years of radio: personality. I’ve gone from New Kids to BSB to Britney to JoBros to Bieber and one thing remained the same – that magical 15 seconds between the songs.

Radio is about to undergo some more serious reinventions in the next 20 years, but personality will always be a part of it.

Thanks for listening. Without you out there, there wouldn’t be a me in here.

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A Grand Mother’s Day


My Nan. June 12, 1924 – May 9, 2010.

I wrote this while sitting in a room with my grandmother yesterday as her final hours counted down. She passed away early this morning.

What do you say to the woman who has given you more than you could imagine?

A woman who defines tolerance, patience and unconditional love. A woman who never forgets the little things; handwritten thank you notes, a phone call, a hug.

What do you say to that woman as you watch her take her final breaths and ask out loud “I didn’t think it would take this long?

You say nothing.

The room is quiet save for the sound of her breathing. I wonder how many she has left.

We all have a finite number of breaths in this world. Each of us with our own shot clock ticking down to the end.

How many more for her? I keep looking for a scoreboard to tell me when. I keep thinking about what I should do, what I should say.

But what can you say?


You say nothing.

You can’t say anything.

Love is not a word. It’s a feeling. It’s a presence. It’s just being there.

It’s just being here.

Its Mother’s Day. You don’t need to stress about what to get her. Just love your moms.

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Calgary Daytrips: Nanton

20100502 nanton - 02

Take your hometown and draw a 175 kilometre circle around it. That’s the perfect distance for a day trip. 90 minutes-ish there, some lingering and then 90 minutes-ish home. You leave late morning, you’re back late afternoon.

For us in Calgary that’s places like Banff, Drumheller or today’s destination Nanton.

Nanton? Why the heck would you want to go to Nanton? Simple. Trains, Planes and you get there quickly by automobile.

The original plan was to head all the way to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, but it was a little outside the radius. After canvassing twitter for suggestions, Sparkkicat pointed me at Nanton, home to a store proclaiming it was home to the Largest Garden Train in Canada, a groovy old school candy store, and a museum boasting an Avro Lancaster.

Looking at the map, I saw we could make a quick bee line to Nanton in the morning and then wander the Cowboy Trail route home in the afternoon for a change of scenery.

View Larger Map

Nanton on a Sunday morning. Wow. Not much happens. We arrived at 10:30. Most places didnt open til noon, some at 11.

20100502 nanton - 06 20100502 nanton - 07 20100502 nanton - 04
Z and I wandered the deserted Main St while Jen fed Sir Charles. We checked out the grain elevator. We sat on the bench outside the closed Candy Shop. We sat on the curb and picked out rocks and stuffed them in our pocket waiting for the train store to open.

The train shop has quite a boastful sign. It’s as crazy as the store’s website.

20100502 nanton - 09

Inside, it’s stacked to the rafters with trains in boxes. For $3 you can play with some Thomas the Train gear that’s fastened down in a tent out back. For $2 you can ride Canada’s Biggest Garden Railway.

When we arrived at 11, we were told the train wouldn’t be running until noon. No worries, we’d check out the Bomber Command Museum of Canada and come back. After all, we’d been at the impressive train in Burnaby’s Confederation Park and were eager to try one of Canada’s largest.

Aside: I don’t get war. I’m not a war nut, I don’t pretend to understand the history, and I’m not a fan of the military in general.

That said, I made a point of calling my grandfather when I was on a boat in Halifax Harbour to get him to tell me the story about V-E Day in 1945. I could sit on the boat and see the streets he hollered down with his buddies when the war was over.

That said, Jen and I made a point of visiting Juno Beach when we took a tour of Normandy. We sat on the beach and stared at the ocean that was soaked in blood generations ago.

So I don’t get war, but Zacharie loves machines, so a visit to the Bomber Command Museum of Canada would at least provide some big rides for Z to run around.

The Bomber Command Museum of Canada is fantastic. There are dozens of planes inside. Walls of nose art. Fire engines. Gears. Dials. Uniforms. You can climb inside them and on them. You can read the stories of the men and women who flew the missions that fed hungry people in the Netherlands and sank German warships in Norway.

20100502 nanton - 24

20100502 nanton - 18 20100502 nanton - 20 20100502 nanton - 10 20100502 nanton - 12 20100502 nanton - 13 20100502 nanton - 26 20100502 nanton - 27 20100502 nanton - 32 20100502 nanton - 23 20100502 nanton - 22 20100502 nanton - 16 20100502 nanton - 17

From the little old lady pushing newsletter subscriptions at the front, to the star of the show The Avro Lancaster, the Bomber Command Museum of Canada is more than worthy of entry by donation. Zacharie loved it, and I, once again, got a little perspective on what life was like some 65 years ago.

Then back to the train.

20100502 nanton - 36

If it’s Canada’s Biggest Garden Railway it’s because it’s Canada’s ONLY Garden Railway. The Nanton Steamin’ Demon does a tiny100 metre loop into the owner’s backyard, around her garage and back to the front. She tops in the “garden” and offers to take pictures.

That’s it. That’s all. It’s a ride that lasts about 75 seconds.

It’s a big lure that many families bite on, but you could just stop at the Bomber Command Museum of Canada, pay tribute to the greatest generation and your kids will never know the difference.

The only problem is you’ll most definitely want to stop at Zephyr Drive Inn next to the train store for a thick strawberry shake, spicy fries and classic burger.

20100502 nanton - 35

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