Spring In The Loire Valley


When should you visit the Loire Valley and, for that matter, any part of Europe?

The end of March.

Weather is a little unpredictable, sure. But the crowds aren’t. They’re no.where.

Today it was sunny, showering, cloudy and about 13 degrees. The photo at the top was taken at lunch today at a cafe across the square from the chateau Blois. It’s written up in many guidebooks as a popular place to have a bite. There was nobody there.

Same thing happened at Chambord.


I should not have been able to take 15 photos like this with nobody cluttering my view of the chateau. This picture was taken at 4 in the afternoon.

Personne is in it. Couldnt do that in August.

Come to France in the spring – c’est magnifique!

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Label Whore

If you dont know a lot about wine (like me) you get easily seduced by the labels on the bottle. The pretty colours, the style, the design.

I used to buy music this way. Back in highschool, when I was getting to music, I would go to A&A Records and flip through stacks of wax by bands I had never heard of – if I liked the cover, I’d buy it.

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be real – we all do.

So what’s in a label for a bottle of wine. Check out the three at the top of this page.

Which are you more apt to buy? The classic art piece on the Gabbiano? The richness of the Rosemount? The simple Penfolds?

The Rosemount label is a redesign, but to me it still looks 80s. It looks like a rich steakhouse, but to me it’s just a little cheesy.

I’m not a fan of the Gabbiano label either. It may be a vintage representation of Il Cavalieri, a representation of the knights who protected the winery castle in the middle ages, but it just looks old to me. Like a 50s version of vintage, not a timeless interpretation. I would walk right past that one too.

The Penfolds labels are the ones that really make me stop and take notice. Classic, simple and refined. Simple white labels with the red name splash and the varietal beneath. There are a wide variety of wines from the Penfolds house, but they all have the same format on the label, and it’s a winner.

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