The Team Diabetes Mall Marathon: How Far Can Someone Walk In 26 Hours?

Join Team Diabetes

I have made a bigger commitment to Team Diabetes for my next event. Not only do I want to raise $25,000, I want to convince 25 people to join the team raising money and awareness for the CDA and setting fitness goals and habits for themselves. Here are the details on my 26 Hour Mall Marathon with XL 103. Continue Reading

What Does Having Diabetes Feel Like?

Balancing Diabetes - What Diabetes Feels Like

What does having diabetes feel like? Unless you ride that emotional roller coaster every day, it’s impossible to understand. Balancing Diabetes by kerri Sparling offers real world insight into a life with diabetes and the balance that diabetics try to achieve. It’s not a textbook, or an advice script, it’s just a collection of real life stories and experiences from people trying to Balance Diabetes and live life with a broken pancreas. Continue Reading

And Then, I Fell In Love With Skiing Again

in love with skiing

I went skiing for the first time in nearly 20 yrs and immediately fell in love with the sport again. The easy turns at Mount Norquay brought smiles to my face and by the end of the day I was hunting for recycled gear on Kjiji. Continue Reading

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